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Quality maths tuition since 1976

When you invest in your or your child's future through education, it's reassuring to know that your tuition provider has a proven history of success in helping learners get to grips with the subject.

Master Maths was founded in 1976. Today, at some of our science tuition centres, we are tutoring the children of our former learners!

Back in 1976, multimedia meant tapes and slides. We've come a long way since then. Still, one thing has always remained: a genuine commitment to producing lessons and support that will truly help learners understand maths.

Even in those early days, it was the two-way relationship between the tutor and the tapes and slides that delivered the results. We have been refining this relationship for more than 45 years.

Today, Master Maths has more than 140 centres. Our continued growth illustrates our educators' care and dedication toward their clients.

Master Science offers individual extra maths classes for Grade 10 to 12 learners.

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Assessing problems with maths

Assessing problems with maths

Since the 80s, Master Maths centres have been using various approaches to determine a struggling maths learner's underlying problems. This varied approach reiterates the general principle that we offer individualised service and do not simply follow a set recipe.

In more recent times, we have added diagnostic assessment tools that centres can employ to assess learners. Centres rely on the pre-enrolment interview with the parents and learners to understand what support the learner will require. They might also consider what is happening at the learner's school or how they perform while doing a few demonstration lessons.


Learning to understand – and even enjoy – Physical Science

In the early days, the material did not hold the learners' attention or engage with them in the way it does today, but because of our passion for mathematics education, we made it work.

The biggest challenge has always been to ensure that the learner uses their own thinking and reasoning to find the answers. To this day, we make sure that Master Maths learners think independently; the tutor and system guide them to find the answers on their own.

Those little confidence-building victories when they find the answer themselves are the rewards of independent, thinking and reasoning. This is the M2 Way.

The advantages of IT in learning maths

With the dawn of the age of information technology, we could capitalise on the lessons we had learned. Today, the M2 Way is a sophisticated computer-based system of teaching and learning.
Quality maths education

How the Master Science learner benefits from IT

  1. The learners' input is marked immediately by the system. Tutors can give them instantaneous feedback while the work is still fresh in their minds. Tutors have enough time for all learners because they do not have to spend countless hours marking worksheets.
  2. The system is interactive, so the learner's attention is held for longer, encouraging them to think and have fun while learning Science.
  3. Any changes to the curriculum and examinable topics can be incorporated into the system immediately via updates.
  4. The learners are further encouraged to think independently because they interact with the system. The tutors become facilitators, guiding the learners through the system and helping them find the solutions on their own.

The power of personal attention

The advancements in technology that have been incorporated into our tutoring system have not reduced tutors' importance. Many learners still require the human element to identify and explain the problems he or she  has.

People remain individuals, and they interpret problems and find solutions differently. During tests and exams, the tutor is not in the room to hold the learners' hands. Master Science learners are taught to face their problems independently, increasing their confidence in Science and even in everyday life.

Three factors make the M2 Way work

A state-of-the-art system, a passionate tutor, and addressing the learners' individual needs are integral to our learners' success. Remove any of these three, and you will struggle to get the results Master Maths has achieved throughout its long and successful history.

Master Maths was established in 1976 and we have helped two generations of learners succeed with Maths. In 2011 we added Master Science to our service offering. 

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